Sea Links ~ Handcrafted Jewelry ~ VANDA inspired

Sea Links

Bold meets elegant. This artisan collection is designed to capture attention, combining striking sterling silver forms with enchanting freshwater pearls.

Pearls With Purpose...
Not only is this collection inspired by the timeless beauty of pearls, but also the amazing worlds beneath the surface of Earth's bodies of water - lakes, rivers, creeks, and oceans - each with their own ecosystems, communities, and stories. And yet, these underwater realms are far from isolated. Everything on this planet affects everything else, even in the most subtle ways.

Sea Links is created using reclaimed vintage pearls as a reminder of the interconnection of all life on Earth and to carry a message of hope for our world, inspiring action and empowering choices for a healthier planet. Learn more here!

Repurposed pearls are environmentally sustainable since no new materials were harvested. These pearls were originally created by freshwater muscles, then strung on long silken thread with traditional knots in-between. I'm not sure exactly how old they are, but I acquired a few strands from their previous wearer who had enjoyed the classic pearl style. Now, I've combined recycled sterling silver with these vintage lovelies for a modern update so they can be cherished once again.