Hi, I'm Wanda

I'm the designer, maker, marketer, bookkeeper, janitor, and everything
else here at VANDA inspired. I handcraft eco chic and nature-inspired
sterling silver jewelry just for you – the woman who embraces her
values, individuality, and journey.

It's not just about adornment; it's about connections

Each piece of jewelry you wear is a symbol for something you want to connect to – a person, a memory, a feeling, an intention... Maybe you're reconnecting to who you once were, exploring who you are now, or creating who you want to become. Yes, it's stunning on you, but there's usually a story behind even the simplest of designs.

VANDA inspired ~ "Every piece of jewelry tells a story" ~ #VANDAinspired
Wanda at VANDA inspired
Purple orchids

How I got here

I wasn't even considering jewelry when I started searching for a local school that taught metal casting. Amidst a career shift at 40, I was taking fashion design classes (again) along side a business degree, and wanted to learn to make my own metal accessory components, like belt buckles and purse handles. That's when I discovered metal fabrication and fell in LOVE. You know that feeling of just wanting to work on a project you're really into and forgetting to eat?

That was in 2020, when the world shut down. I was fortunate to find a local jewelry school who turned their classrooms into Zoom meetings. Remote learning led me to build my own workspace, which was the start of my studio today. Now, I combine traditional and modern techniques using hand tools, small equipment, natural elements, and a lot of arm power to create wearable art from sterling silver and gemstones designed to connect you to nature, community, and self.

Want to know more about my journey? Read my story here.

Desolation Wilderness Sierra Nevada Mountains Lake Gertrude

Inspired by life

I’m passionate about learning new techniques, and continuing to develop my skills and style. But my biggest inspirations come from experiences. Growing up in the beauty of Northern California, I’ve always been inspired by nature. This connection to our planet is the reason why sustainability and responsibility are essential to me. My own healing journey also intertwines with my work. Like you, I've struggled with depression, anxiety, and trauma throughout my life – emphasizing the importance of connection and support.

Melting silver in VANDA inspired's California studio

Recycled silver & ethical gemstones

As of 2024, except for clasps, all the silver used in my jewelry is 100% certified recycled and sourced from USA based refineries. Learn more about recycled silver here.

Along with reclaimed and vintage gemstones, I also recently started sourcing natural stones from responsible mines that work to reduce environmental impact and honor fair treatment of workers.