Creating connections, building community ~ VANDA inspired jewelry

Creating Connections, Building Community

Part of my mission in life and with this brand is to celebrate and support others. I’m here to both honor you, as a unique individual, and support a community based on shared values of healing and connecting to nature, each other, and ourselves.


"What's my style is not your style, and I don’t see how you can define it. It’s something that expresses who you are in your own way.” —Iris Apfel

You are unique and valuable.
Our individuality lies in the realization that we each harbor a universe within, filled with our own thoughts, emotions, and talents, to be shared with the broader canvas of humanity. You are amazing and worthy exactly as you are. I honor and celebrate you through my art, creating jewelry that symbolizes who you are and resonates with the things that you connect to. Each piece is designed to be more than just an accessory; it's a tangible reflection of your journey and uniqueness.

Community enriches our lives.
It’s through interpersonal interactions that we can forge connections that encourage us to expand and deepen ourselves. In a supportive community, each person contributes with their own unique perspectives, making diversity and understanding essential to the collective experience. I’m here to engage with other like-minded people looking to heal themselves and our world, while channeling my passion for connection into handcrafting jewelry that bridges the shared values that unite us.

Our shared humanity is key.
Regardless of our differences – such as race, culture, or lifestyle – recognizing and embracing our shared humanity is where we can begin to find common ground and healing. When we understand that others, no matter how different, share similar emotions, struggles, and aspirations, it’s easier to communicate from a more understanding heart-centered space. I design jewelry that speaks to your unique story as well as our shared human experience.

There’s an exciting future ahead.
Although VANDA inspired’s journey is just beginning, my vision for this brand includes exciting projects, such as local and virtual events, plus collaborations with fellow artists. I’m also working to build a community for those with a shared passion for healing and connecting to nature, each other, and ourselves through jewelry and art. I invite you to join Vi’s Sterling Circle community. Sign up below and stay in the loop with new jewelry, brand news, events, and more!

Let’s make our world beautiful, together!
Wanda @ VANDA inspired

Image courtesy of Unsplah / Artist: Adi Goldstein

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