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Purchase Power: Shop For Our Planet

We’ve all heard the saying to “vote with your dollar”. I believe that the greatest power we possess over how we affect the planet is in our choices as consumers.

Did you know that an Environmental Impact Assessment of Household Consumption study found that consumers are responsible for over 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions? Every purchase we make has an impact, and by choosing responsible brands, we can collectively push businesses toward more sustainable practices and increase options in the marketplace for us conscious consumers.

Translating values into responsible practices
At VANDA inspired, responsibility is woven into the very fabric of this brand. My passion for environmental well-being led me to create a lifestyle company that empowers not only through beautiful jewelry, but also through a commitment to the future of our planet. My purpose is to contribute to a beautiful and healthy world through products and practices that enrich lives and inspire connections to nature, community, and self.

Here are a few ways I proudly contribute to positive change, promote progress, and reduce VANDA inspired’s environmental impact...

Ethical Materials
Sourcing ethical metal and gemstones is more complicated than most people realize. Regardless of the industry’s complexities, I strive to source materials from suppliers that share my concerns and values, taking responsibility for the supply chain. I’ll be going in-depth into this topic in an upcoming article, so stay tuned. I also love using reclaimed and vintage stones.

Green Studio
Continuously seeking and incorporating the most eco-friendly processes and practices into my studio is an important part of reducing VANDA inspired’s footprint. A few things I pay close attention to include ways to conserve energy and water, using the cleanest options for chemicals, and having a robust reduce / reuse / recycle plan.

Carbon Offsetting
I take climate action seriously. Every order VANDA inspired ships is 100% carbon neutral through my partnership with Planet's Millennium program. This program supports innovative solutions, like Running Tide, who sinks carbon-soaked kelp deep in the ocean, storing the carbon for 1000+ years. I’ll also be sharing more about this soon.

Plantable Packaging
One of the biggest contributors of consumer waste is not products themselves, but the packaging we get them in. I’m committed to delivering every piece of your new jewelry in packaging that is completely compostable (no plastic ever) and includes plantable components that grow pollinator friendly flowers, supporting keystone species – like bees!

"Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion.”—Alber Elbaz

VANDA inspired is more than just a jewelry brand; it's a lifestyle movement – empowering our world through beautiful handcrafted jewelry, a commitment to environmental responsibility, and fostering a sense of community. Sign up for VANDA inspired's Sterling Circle below and join me in this movement!

Wanda @ VANDA inspired

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