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People, Planet, Process

There's going to be a lot of changes around here this year!

For the past three months, I’ve been working with a group of amazing business coaches, who are also jewelry artists, that have been helping me develop this brand. I'm excited to continue collaborating with these talented and supportive women in steering VANDA inspired even closer to my vision.

People, planet, and process – I'm passionate about creating jewelry that connects you to nature, community, and yourself. Here are a few insights into this vision...

It's all about you!
I'm here to support and celebrate you. The best way I can hold space for you is by creating jewelry that enriches your experience. Jewelry is very personal. The pieces that hold significance to you help you explore and express yourself. It's my privilege to design wearable art that speaks to your journey and who you are.

Nature is healing
Growing up in the spectacular outdoors of Northern California, I’ve spent my entire life awed and inspired by the forests, fields, deserts, mountains, and ocean. It’s in these wild places where deep healing and connection happens. Back home in the city, in daily life, and in my business, maintaining that connection is vital.

Stewardship is key
Not only does my art come from the Earth (inspiration and materials), but it's essential I give back to her. A few ways I do this include seed paper packaging, zero carbon shipping, and eco-friendly practices in my studio. Also, I’m working toward all my jewelry containing at least 90% recycled silver content by 2025.

Expanding designs
This year I'll be exploring a lot of new styles handcrafted with different traditional and modern artisanal techniques, like sand casting. Eco chic and nature-inspired themes, along with a hint of boho flare, lead the way. And, later this year, I’ll be launching a very special collection guaranteed to speak to your authentic self.

Community connections
Be a part of it all! Join VANDA inspired's Sterling Circle Community (at the bottom of this page) and stay in the loop with new jewelry, brand news, and more. Plus, get VIP access to new jewelry drops, invites to virtual events, and be entered to win jewelry with every drop giveaway.

Connect with me!
Whether you have suggestions on how I can better support you or questions about my creative process, I'd love to hear from you. Please, drop your thoughts in the comments below, and help me create a brand we both love.

Let’s Make Our World Beautiful, Together!
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