New Packaging From VANDA inspired

It’s An All New Box!

Here it is! I’m excited to present VANDA inspired’s all new packaging...

Supporting Earth
I love this beautiful planet and doing my part to help keep it healthy is priority. It’s important for me to consider the environmental impact of everything this brand touches, including product packaging. As we all know, plastic packaging makes up a large portion of the waste our society creates. That’s why I designed VANDA inspired’s new packaging to have as minimal of an impact as possible. In fact, it even gives back to the environment!

A New Experience
If you’ve purchased from me before, you may remember the old packaging. Although I have always used recycled and kraft materials, the shipping envelop was lined with plastic bubble wrap (which really bothered me). Now, VANDA inspired’s new packaging is 100% biodegradable. Post-consumer recycled paper products and compostable cardboard are just the beginning though. Instead of an envelop, your order is now protected by a sturdy box with repurposed kraft paper filler.

And the best part?
Nestled in a natural cotton muslin pouch, your new jewelry arrives secured to a seed paper card...

Making Our Planet Beautiful
This is one packaging material that you can feel comfortable throwing on the ground… because seed paper cards grow flowers. VANDA inspired uses seed paper handmade from 100% post-industrial waste in the USA. Wild flower seeds embedded in it include snapdragon, petunia, beardtongue, daisy, thyme, poppy, catchfly, maiden pinks, and chamomile.

Growing flowers in 3 easy steps:
1) Simply plant the seed paper card under 1/4-inch soil in a partial to full sun location.
2) Keep the area moist until plants are well established (4-6 weeks), then water as needed.
3) Enjoy beautiful blooms :)

Carbon… Another Concern
Every business that ships or delivers products to customers contributes to carbon emissions that are influencing global climate change. VANDA inspired partners with Shopify Planet to offset all carbon emissions caused from transporting your beautiful new jewelry. The projects that VANDA inspired invests in capture carbon from our air and stores it in eco-friendly ways for 1000+ years. My favorite project stores carbon in kelp, which is sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Still Free Shipping!
VANDA inspired products always include free USPS First Class shipping to anywhere in the USA. Currently, I only ship within the United States. As some products are made when ordered, please allow 3-5 business days to ship out. Delivery can take up to 10 days. If you haven’t received your package in 15 business days, please contact me.

Easy 30-Day Returns
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, I make it simple to return any items. Your order will include a return form. Just fill it out and mail it back along with the item. Use the same box it arrived in for convenience. Return shipping is your responsibility, but I will issue a full refund for the original purchase price as soon as possible. No questions asked!

For complete details, check out VANDA inspired’s FAQ.

We are responsible for creating change and there is always hope.
Wanda @ VANDA inspired
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