A Look Back: My Fav’s

A Look Back: My Fav’s

While I’m excited for VANDA inspired to move into its second year of business, I want to take a moment to reminisce on some of my top 8 favorite creations from this first year. So, here we go…


1. Sjarmere Bracelet & Letter Charm

Of course, I have to start off with VANDA inspired’s most popular set. Sjarmere chains and letter charms were the flagship items that I launched this brand with. These chains are a fun accessory on their own or can be easily personalized with charms.

Sjarmere Bracelet & Letter Charm ~ VANDA inspired


2. Mismatch Night Sky Earrings

I love earrings that aren’t exactly the same. This moon and star pair is super adorable and was the first batch of any item to sell out completely. All VANDA inspired items are produced either in small batches, are made to order, or are one-of-a-kind.

Night Sky Earrings ~ VANDA inspired


3. Serpentine Sunflower Pendants

These pendants were included among the first pieces with bezel stone settings I made for VANDA inspired. The stones are vintage/reclaimed, like many found in my work. I loved doing the pierced backside sunflowers designs for the serpentine to peek through.

Serpentine Sunflower Pendants ~ VANDA inspired


4. Vintage Pearl Square Bracelet & Earrings

Sea Links is one of my favorite collections. The purpose is to combine the classic beauty of pearls with more modern styles. One example are these hammer textured squares linked with pearls, in both a bracelet and earrings.

Sea Links Bracelet & Earrings ~ VANDA inspired


5. Textured Heart Pendants

Hammering, burring, soldering – I had so much fun playing with artsy textures for these heart pendants. There are so many possibilities when it comes to texturing techniques and I’m still exploring it all.

Textured Heat Pendants ~ VANDA inspired

6. Flourishing Ear Cuffs

These were a popular item that sold out quickly, so I actually ended up making a second small batch for VANDA inspired. These sexy little cuffs are embossed with paisley designs and comfortably hug ear edges. You’ll see more ear cuff designs to come.

Flourishing Ear Cuffs ~ VANDA inspired


7. Bumblebee Jasper Pierced Pendants

The most delicate pierced work I’ve done so far are the bee and flower designs on the back of beautiful bumblebee jasper pendants from VANDA inspired’s last drop. I’m really inspired by the shapes and textures of nature.

Bumblebee Jasper Pendants ~ VANDA inspired


8. Half Cuff Beaded Chain Bracelets

There is one design that I’ve replicated in a couple drops that I really love: half cuff and half beaded chain bracelets. These unique bracelets fit securely and comfortably. They even look great with a Sjarm Charm accent! Spoiler – I’m making more of these in a variety of stones.

Half Cuff Beaded Chain Bracelets ~ VANDA inspired


Thank you for sharing this past year with me ;D


Let’s make our world beautiful, together!

Wanda @ VANDA inspired

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