2023 Holiday Gift Guide

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Give her something special to unwrap this holiday season. Celebrate the woman who embraces her individuality and values. Whether she’s a free spirit, a nature lover, or someone looking to feel more balanced and connected—share a treasure that honors her journey and reminds of you whenever she wears it.

It’s not just adornment. Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry from VANDA inspired reflects the beauty of our world. Like alchemy, I use traditional and modern techniques to transform raw materials into meaningful amulets. And, I embrace imperfections because, let's be honest, that's what makes us all beautifully unique.

Choose The Right Gift
When selecting the perfect item, consider her personal preference factors: design, lifestyle, and values. Think about the type of jewelry she already wears. Is she drawn to classic pieces, or does she embrace more contemporary styles? If in doubt, discreetly seek advice from her close friends or family members who might know her taste well. But, ultimately, trust your instincts. If a piece resonates with you and feels like something she would love, it likely will be.

For the nature enthusiast, explore pieces that mirror the beauty of leaves, flowers, or other organic motifs. Opt for sleek, simple designs for understated elegance. Or, go for bold and expressive creations if she loves to make a statement with accessories. Choose jewelry with symbols or elements that hold personal meaning, such as birthstones, initials, or charms representing significant moments. If uncertain, select timeless designs like simple hoops, a delicate pendant, or an elegant bracelet that transcends trends.

For those with a busy lifestyle, choose pieces that are comfortable for daily wear. Consider jewelry that effortlessly transition from casual daywear to fun evening ensembles for the socialite. Think elegant yet professional pieces for the career-driven woman. If she enjoys dressing up, consider statement pieces that add flair to special moments.

Choose designs that align with ethical practices, promoting both beauty and responsibility. Jewelry crafted with eco-friendly materials are perfect for the environmentally conscious woman. Handcrafted in the USA can also be important if supporting local artists is her thing.

Make It Personal
Letter charms add an intimate touch, a representation of your unique bond. Initials hold sentimental significance, a tangible reminder of special moments and people in her life. Letter charms seamlessly integrate into various jewelry styles too. Meaningful and interchangeable, my fun letter charms easily clip on and off another piece of jewelry, bag, or other accessory.

Shop VANDA inspired’s selection of Letter Charms. You can choose a basic letter or add an accent stone.

Natural Elegance
Many of my jewelry designs draw inspiration from nature – flowers, leaves, stones, shells, etc. They’re an expression of the awe-inspiring beauty around us. These elements combine beautifully with sterling silver to reflect our connection to this amazing planet. For the nature-lover in your life, a pair of leaf earrings, floral pendant, or gemstone bracelet could be just the gift.

Start with What’s New at VANDA inspired. You may find my latest collection just the right touch of nature.

Poetic Pairings
She’ll love creating a style vibe with a complimentary jewelry set. Choose matching pieces with a consistent theme or combine differing items allowing for a more nuanced expression of her style. Consider her personality. A statement necklace and bold earrings can showcase extravagance, while a more understated bracelet and simple studs convey subtle elegance.

VANDA inspired offers various pieces that go well together. I suggest starting with my Sea Links collection.

Renewed Vintage
Vintage items can be timeless treasures that transcends fleeting trends. Each piece carries a history. It might have been part of someone’s love story, life celebration, or even traveled through different hands. Opting for pre-owned jewelry aligns with eco-conscious values by reducing the demand for newly mined materials and minimizing your environmental footprint.

I have another brand that specializes in vintage and pre-owned jewelry. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out Clearance Closet.

As the holiday season approaches, this is the time to find the right gift for that special woman in your life. Whether you shop my handcrafted selection at VANDA inspired, my curated vintage collection at Clearance Closet, or from any of the other beautiful jewelry artists out there, just keep in mind your giftee’s design, lifestyle, and value preferences. Bonus tip: presentation is just as important as the gift. How you wrap it and the way you give it to her will add even more special magic to the moment.

I love giving gifts more than receiving them. And, I would love to share in your giving experience too! Capture the moment and share on Instagram or Facebook, and tag me @VANDAinspired so I can see.

Whatever beautiful holiday(s) you’re celebrating this season, may the days be filled with warmth, laughter, loved ones, and amazing food! And, while you’re celebrating, take a moment to honor the connection we share with the Earth, the season, and each other.

Let's make our world beautiful, together!
With holiday cheer and heartfelt appreciation,
Wanda @ VANDA inspired

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