VANDA’s Valentine’s Gift Guide 2023

VANDA’s Valentine’s Gift Guide 2023

Traditionally, diamonds are the choice for proposals, weddings, and anniversaries. Gold, platinum, rubies, emeralds, topazes, and sapphires are also popular choices. However, if your special someone prefers non-conventional jewelry, the world of options opens up to various metals and countless semi-precious gemstones. With so many alternatives, choosing the right piece of jewelry they’ll love can be a little intimidating.

Where to start?
Everybody has different accessory strategies. Perhaps their daily jewelry is really simple, but, they pull out a fancier piece for special occasions. Or, maybe they really love big eye-catching pieces that they change out every day. Or, it’s possible that they choose jewelry to match a specific outfit they’re wearing. If you’re not sure where to start when choosing the right jewelry, there are a couple of things you can do.

▪ Observe: The biggest tell-tale sign of what kind of jewelry someone prefers is by checking out what they already wear. Make note of what type of metal (silver, gold, copper, etc.) and stones they like. Also, pay attention to what general style they prefer. Someone who likes simple and delicate will likely not feel the joy you hope they will from a big chunky item, and visa versa.

▪ Ask: Simply inquiring about their jewelry preferences can give you the most accurate insights. I’ll bet that your special person would feel even more special if you asked them what their favorite gemstone is because showing interest in their likes helps build bonds.

Armed with a little intel, it’s time to start shopping…


Vintage Jewelry #VANDAinspired

Vintage Finds
Even though I’m a maker of jewelry, I’m a big fan of used and vintage body decor. There are so many gorgeous pieces out there that are ready to be loved again. Personally, I like perusing estate sales for fun items, but Etsy is also a great place where collections are curated. I even have my own vintage jewelry shop on Etsy where you can start your search: Clearance Closet.


Personalized Jewelry #VANDAinspired
Make It Personal
Jewelry that expresses something personal can covey a sense of connection. Perhaps a pendant with their favorite animal or ring with their astrology sign. It should be something that shows you’ve been paying attention. Another great option is meaningful letters or words. Consider one of my Sjarmere Chains with Letter Sjarm Charms that spell their nick name or a special place.


Pearl Jewelry #VANDAinspired
Pearls Are Classic
Diamonds aren’t the only things that are forever. Pearls are considered timeless and oh-so elegant. Saltwater pearls and Tahitian black pearls are beautiful, however, freshwater pearls are more reasonably priced and come in a wider range of hues and shapes. If you’re interested in pearls with a modern twist, check out my Sea Links collection with sustainable repurposed champagne pearls.


Heart Jewelry #VANDAinspired
Say It With Hearts
No other symbol represents love like a heart. From delicate plain to chunky artistic, hearts are the iconic symbol of Valentine’s. Their favorite gemstone carved into a heart, a fun pair of dangling earrings, or pendant centerpiece might be just the piece to express how you feel. My Hearts On Parade collection, celebrating diversity, offers a selection of artistic hearts in sterling silver or copper.

Share your story! I would love to hear about you’re favorite Valentine’s gift given or received in the comments below.

Happy V-Day!
Wanda @ VANDA inspired


*Gift box photo is courtesy of Kostiantyn Li from Unsplash

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